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CHOHELO has speculated on the possibility of a renewed relevance of typology as a tool for reasoning and producing an urban plan. At the heart of this investigation is the re-thinking of the affect of types beyond their immediate architectural scale by understanding typologies as collective urban entities that hold the potential to seed, differentiate, regulate and administer the urban plan. To work typologically is also to work in a rigorous process, harnessing the cumulative intelligence of the type in question and surpassing both it's idea and inherent structure. This attempt also marks a return to a more critical approach in projecting new ideas for the city via dominant types. The roles of typology are both to question and reason with the transformative pressures that are exerted on the city through it's building types, while exploring an alternative way of approaching the debate of it's sustainability from a critical lens rather than from a technological one.

All photography provided by CHOHELO.

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442 Dosan-daero

Gangnam-gu, Seoul